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Math Pop is the most fun and engaging way to practice math problems aligned to the Common Core Standards. Players earn coins by practicing math that they can spend on a super fun game - Aqua ride. The adaptive algorithm makes the app a great learning experience for kids at all learning levels. Parents/Teachers can keep track of progress across all skills.


+ 250+ game levels support 80+ Common Core State Standards
+ 25+ interactive game mechanics
+ RIGOROUS: builds high-need skills with conceptual learning and fluency
+ Learning Analytics Dashboard to track learning progress
+ Research-based and approved by top educators
+ Super fun bonus game - AQUA RIDE!


1. Number Sense - Count by 2,5,10,100; Order, Round and Compare Whole Numbers
2. Addition Concepts - Addition properties; Make a number; Addition using Images; Addition based on Place Values; Addition Equations
3. Place Value - Understand Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands; Place Values up to 4 digit numbers; Place Values in Decimals
4. Addition - Addition Properties; Addition based on Place Values; Addition up to 4 digit numbers; Add Multiples
5. Subtraction - Subtraction Properties; Subtraction based on Place Values; Subtraction up to 4 digit numbers; Subtract Multiples
6. Multiplication - Multiplication using Images; Multiply by multiples of 10; Multiplication Properties; Multiplication based on Place Values; Multiplication up to 2 digit numbers
7. Division - Division using Images; Divide by multiples of 10,100; Division Properties; Division based on Place Values; Relate to Multiplication; Division up to 2 digit numbers
8. Mixed Operation: Arithmetic Facts; Arithmetic Sentences; Multiple Operators
9. Estimation - Estimate numbers; Estimate Sums and Differences; Estimate Products and Quotients; Estimate Fractions; Estimate Decimals
10. Fraction - Fractions as Whole Numbers; Fractions on Number Line; Compare Fractions; Equivalent Fractions; Add and Subtract Fractions
11. Decimal - Place Values in Decimals; Decimals and Fractions; Decimals on Number Line; Add and Subtract Decimals
12. Mixed Number - Understand Mixed Numbers; Compare Mixed Numbers with Fractions and Whole Numbers; Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers


Math Pop is powered by a new generation of adaptive machine learning tools that measurably improve over time. When you play, you learn, our games learn - and we all help advance the science of learning! It's a win-win-win.

More info: visit http://www.playpowergames.com/