Lead Developer

Native iOS (SpriteKit, UIKit)


Developed a gamified media platform for kids. Within this platform, there are several content types, including: Brain Games, Videos, Factbooks, Trivia, arcade games, books and music. Additionally, the gamified platform allows users to develop and customize a virtual pet, which can be fed, cleaned and clothed.

This free, scientifically-grounded program is designed to help kids develop the skills and mindsets that accelerate learning and prepare them for success.

"Smart isn’t something you are. It is something you get."

LearnWorld gives you access to hundreds of intelligence-building activities, including games, books, videos, facts, trivia, and design tools. Each activity lets players level-up in the "the 4 Cs" of intelligence:

To spark curiosity, we provide a daily dose of quirky videos, facts and trivia. Cultivating genuine interests in a broad range of topics can inspire and accelerate kids' self-directed learning.

LearnWorld contains 10 brain games to support the development of key cognitive skills. Our reflective games emphasize logical, inductive and quantitative reasoning. Our quick-thinking games emphasize inhibition control, executive function and working memory. Parents also receive great tips about how to nurture cognitive skills in everyday life.

To help build character skills like self-control and grit, we provide a unique blend of emotional management brain games, holistic parent-led assessments and personalized recommendations for parent/child non-digital activities.

With our innovative digital storytelling tools, we aim to help kids communicate visual ideas with confidence -- even if they lack strong drawing skills. Additionally, we provide "activity recipes" to help parents and kids work together to learn new design-thinking skills and sharpen creative problem-solving.

Download from App Store: visit http://apple.co/2bJ8SFQ
More info: visit http://www.learnworld.io