Programmer, Designer

Unity (c#)

Makey Makey


Developed and designed an unique two player cow racing game using Unity (c#), Makey Makey platform.

Have you ever milk the cow? If you have not, please try our game. The game will reveal the great secret of cow. The secret that cow can originally fly with their milk. Even to the Milky Way.

Milky way is the vertical racing game with special controller; the udder controller. With this controller, you can feel freaking awesome tactile feedback every time you pull the rubber udder. Pull the udders and avoid all the obstacles and reach the milky way before your opponent with awkward and erotic touch. It has 5 stages and in each stage player has to avoid different challenging obstacles in order to reach Milky way. Weird hiphop version background music will emphasize your feeling. Have fun!