Programmer, Designer

Unity (c#)

Oculus Rift(DK2), PlayStation Move


Developed and designed an interactive Float me up game using Unity (c#), PS Move and Oculus platform.

Objective of the game is to escape from the well by breaking water bricks using hammer. You are stuck in a well and found a hammer and a wooden plank at the bottom of the well. You have to raise the water level by breaking bricks to get out.
 There are 3 types of bricks and Player needs to identify right brick that helps him to float up and escape from the well. Breaking bricks with Hammer prop as an interaction is simple and straightforward. Difficulties increases as Player moves further up in the well and also time constraint makes the game very engaging and fun to play. The guest has freedom to hit any bricks they want but only some water bricks can bring water so they have to hit right bricks in order to survive.